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The Six Flags Saga! :)

O.K. so this past Saturday our youth group went to Six Flags... and we had a blast! We left bright and early at 5 A.M., and I think I was the only one really awake... I'm pretty sure my hyperness was irritating everyone else, but oh well I was super stoked!

On the way, I made a bet with one of my friends, Alex, that if we made it there before 10:30, I would get all of his money... lol... well thanks to our pawpaw driver, Jerry, we got there at 11. So I lost... but it's cool. :)

We finally went into the park and rode every ride possible! It was soooo much fun! By 5 o'clock we were all exhausted and ready to leave, so we headed out. On the way home we stopped by a store and got a little snack to tide us over until we got home. My good friend, Frankie, bought himself the biggest KIT-KAT bar imaginable! Well, we were in the parking lot just chillin until all 40 of us kids were ready to climb back on the van. Apparently the giant KIT-KAT fell out of the van because about an hour later Frankie starts freaking out because he can't find his candy bar! After about 25 minutes of Aundi, Brad, and me crawling around under seats looking for it... all the while trying not to wake everyone else up, we stop on the side of the road and start tearing the van apart to find this Frankie's beloved candy bar! By this time, it was about 9 o'clock. I had worn some ROCKIN green polka dotted socks and my UGG boots thinking it was going to be cold. While we were frantically looking for the candy, Brad thought it would be funny to take my boots and put them on the side of the interstate! As I jumped out to get them, Brad decides to chunk them in the woods... so we were out there... in the woods... late at night... in the cold... AND I was barefoot... looking for my boots! When we found them, we headed back to the van only to find that the van was no longer where we left it! The van was at the next exit ramp. So Brad and I run to catch the van and head home... and thanks to Frankie's KIT-KAT we got home at about 2 in the morning! :)


It's the ole "been there ...done that" comment. Not that I was ever on a trip to Six Flags with a Kit Kat Bar but I don't know of a time that we ever went that we didn't get back home at 2:00AM or later. And yes we experienced the standing on the side of the road bit too...but not for such a thrilling event as looking for boots. Our visits to I-20's shoulder was never so exciting, just very frustrating, because it was yet another trip and the bus broke down. That would be on the hotest day/night of the year, a butter melting, egg frying on the highway, 100 degrees and no air conditioning ( after 8 heat stroke hours in Six Flags). Can you imagine the smell on that bus????? P....u (Sounds like yalll had a great time.)
Hayley you little was midnight when we got back to the church. Lol might have been 2 when u got home but it was midnight. And yes, it was necessary to look for my candy bar. Thank God there was another gas station on the way home for me to get another one. LOL