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Dec 22

The season of giving is fast approaching. Maybe you are already involved in the hustle and bustle, making sure you choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Or perhaps you're leaving hints here and there to make sure you receive the perfect gift ;). Either way, this time of year seems to not only bring joy, but also a bit of stress - the shopping, the cooking, the decorating, all of which are part of the fun and festivities, but all of which can overwhelm the easiest of schedules. With all of the busyness of this wonderful time of year, I encourage all of us to reflect on the important things.

As I look over the past year, I realize how truly blessed I am. Several times recently, I've been asked for a Christmas wish list. Each time, my answer is the same, "I really don't have one." I'm not in dire need of anything in particular, which is a huge blessing. But even in this stance, I find myself occasionally getting caught in the excitement of receiving the "perfect" gift. Hmmm... maybe money, clothes, a new watch, purse, a puppy, or perhaps a new car. However, I remind myself that I have chosen to celebrate the Christmas season with a different approach. This year, maybe you'd like to join with me. How about we make it our responsibility to receive the perfect gift.

Through scripture, we learn that God chose a pure and willing vessel named Mary to give birth to the greatest and most perfect gift of all, love through Jesus Christ. Why not open ourselves with willingness and prayerfulness during this giving season for Jesus to be born in us! Let us make our heart His Bethlehem. May He shape us into something new and incredible. And above all else, let His light and love shine through us to the broken and to those bound in darkness. May God's gift to us be received without reservation, and may the time we have set aside to celebrate this marvelous gift of love through Jesus Christ bring hope and cheer. And may HIS Christmas story speak through us all!