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About Hayley

Hayley Masters grew up in Northeast Louisiana, loving the outdoors, God, and music. At 7 years old, she wrote and recorded her first song. Captured on a vintage Playskool recorder, the song spoke of her belief in the providence of God. Singing in church for most of her life, Hayley quickly realized that music is a powerful thing.

During high school, Hayley participated in a local singing competition, and an independent producer approached her with the idea of recording a project. At that time, shy about sharing her own lyrics, she chose cover songs for her 2008 debut album, "Seasons of Change". As a fan of artists ranging from Britt Nicole and Natalie Grant to Natasha Bedingfield and Taylor Swift, she draws from a rich palette to create her songs. In 2011, Hayley released her sophomore project "Lead Me". Having received extremely positive reviews, the records opened the door for her to perform all over the country, as well as live appearances on radio and television.

Beyond that, while juggling higher education, a career as a medical professional, and her singing/songwriting pursuits, Hayley has also made guest appearances on several tracks, including Ryan John's "Remember Me" and Byron Hypolite's "Redemption". Louisiana Allstate Youth Choir's live album GLAD features Hayley on her song "Breathe Over Me" and "Set A Fire". Her love for Christmas music is evident in her pop version of "O Holy Night" which has received major radio play.

As a university graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, Hayley works as a full-time Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and is able to share her musical talent with the residents. "It's my gift to give," says Hayley, "and if I can somehow brighten their day with a ray of hope through my music, then my mission is accomplished."

It was the end of summer about five years ago when Hayley penned a few words and began working on an infectious catchy melody that she knew would be positive and empowering. She and long-time producer John DeNosky were in the prayer room of a church where they had been brainstorming ideas. The simple phrase, "oh from the bottom of my heart and my soul, I love you" spawned the open hearted, powerful tune that actually hinges on the first commandment recorded in scripture:

Mark 12:30 King James Version (KJV)

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

Sparked by Hayley's deep-rooted love for God in the face of everyday life, she continued creating a glowing love song with passionately convincing lyrics. Further inspired by her work with individuals with challenges, whether emotional, physical, or social, she wanted to give her fans a musical message that would shift perspective and actually change lives for the better.

"The single 'Control' is not only my journey, but everyone's," explains Hayley. "It's not just about God's love, but it's about loving God and giving Him complete control of our plans, our dreams, our past and our future." Taking the song's intent forward, Hayley masterfully arranged the deeply honest lyrics and soulfully delivered her breathtaking vocal range to persuade others to propagate the love of God to hurting humanity.

The relaxed image on the cover supports the message of the song. "While we know that God is in absolute control, we have to GIVE Him full control, and when this happens," says Hayley, "we can be at peace in our spirit and in the beauty of His love, and enjoy watching His promises fill our day, and ultimately show His love to the whole world."

"The songs I write are usually reflective of situations that I'm experiencing. It's cliche' but true that life happens, so I know that everyone is going through something at one point in time or another. I want the songs I write to bring hope," she says, "I try to write songs that will help people to sing what may be hard for them to say."

The young talent has a genuine connection with her supporters. After events, she loves to meet and talk with her fans. Some of her most inspiring moments are when people tell her, "Your music spoke to me and helped me." Hayley knows that, "if I give a voice to my silent prayers, then I give voice to the silent prayers of others."

While working as a medical professional and simultaneously pursuing a musical career, singer/songwriter and independent recording artist, Hayley Masters is also working to help raise awareness about human trafficking by forming The Turquoise Mission.

As always, Hayley loves sharing her music. She will keep singing the songs of hope and wants you to sing along.

Hayley Masters in Concert