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May 6

Graduation is almost here, and I can't wait!  This past Sunday our church hosted a reception for the 2010 graduates.  I especially liked Nichole Smith's view that "learning does not end at graduation but lasts for a lifetime."  I've always had this idea as I was a home school student for 10 years.  I also appreciate that she inspired me to read more and to stay grounded in truth.

Here are a few pics of my graduation table and family and friends!

May 4

The Christian Homeschool Association of Northeast Louisiana will hold its commencement exercises Friday, May 7, 2010 at 7 p.m. at The Pentecostals of the Twin Cities in West Monroe, Louisiana.  I have been home schooled for ten years, and now I'm FINALLY graduating!  It has been quite a journey, and I have so many memories, such as driving all the way to Utah. Each time we crossed a state line, my mom would make my sister and me read about that state.  I always looked forward to our "study retreats" to the beach where we would prepare for all those final exams we never took!  On a serious note, my homeschool experience has taught me the value of learning without boundaries or handcuffs.  Each adventure became a classroom and some of my greatest dreams have been nurtured, even have come to pass.  Even though this chapter of my life is about to close, I look forward to what God has in store.