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New Year

Jan 14

Hello all!!! I hope everyone's New Year celebrations were spectacular! As I said in my last blog post, I love every time a new year comes because it gives us a chance to embark on new adventures! This year I have some very exciting things planned, including some new music!!! Yay! God spoke to me so much through 2013, and He is continuously speaking into my life, now. I cannot wait to spread the message that He has given me for all of is a message of joy, hope, and faith! I hope you are all as excited as I am. Until next time!

Feb 18

Haha... I was going through some pictures from SLAM'S New Year's Revolution, and I came across a couple that just made me laugh. I figured I'd share them with you guys in hopes that they would bring a few chuckles to you as well. :) They reminded me, that no matter how much hard work following your dreams can be, you should most of all just have fun doing what you love to do!... I mean after all, it is YOUR dream right??... so just go ahead... goof around, and have some FUN... just "lean your head back and take it all in!"


Hayley ;)