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Dec 22

The season of giving is fast approaching. Maybe you are already involved in the hustle and bustle, making sure you choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Or perhaps you're leaving hints here and there to make sure you receive the perfect gift ;). Either way, this time of year seems to not only bring joy, but also a bit of stress - the shopping, the cooking, the decorating, all of which are part of the fun and festivities, but all of which can overwhelm the easiest of schedules. With all of the busyness of this wonderful time of year, I encourage all of us to reflect on the important things.

As I look over the past year, I realize how truly blessed I am. Several times recently, I've been asked for a Christmas wish list. Each time, my answer is the same, "I really don't have one." I'm not in dire need of anything in particular, which is a huge blessing. But even in this stance, I find myself occasionally getting caught in the excitement of receiving the "perfect" gift. Hmmm... maybe money, clothes, a new watch, purse, a puppy, or perhaps a new car. However, I remind myself that I have chosen to celebrate the Christmas season with a different approach. This year, maybe you'd like to join with me. How about we make it our responsibility to receive the perfect gift.

Through scripture, we learn that God chose a pure and willing vessel named Mary to give birth to the greatest and most perfect gift of all, love through Jesus Christ. Why not open ourselves with willingness and prayerfulness during this giving season for Jesus to be born in us! Let us make our heart His Bethlehem. May He shape us into something new and incredible. And above all else, let His light and love shine through us to the broken and to those bound in darkness. May God's gift to us be received without reservation, and may the time we have set aside to celebrate this marvelous gift of love through Jesus Christ bring hope and cheer. And may HIS Christmas story speak through us all!

Oct 29

The flawless sky of October with sprinkles of yellows and reds is absolutely inspiring and sets the stage for reading some great books.  I grew up with books. As a very young child, my family visited the library and would check out as many books at one time that was allowed.  My mom read to my sister and me every day until we learned to read.  Over time, I've had many favorites.  I don't necessarily follow any particular author; I just like to find books that speak to me, whether fiction or nonfiction.  When choosing a book, I try to make sure it is morally decent.  I am currently reading ANOTHER DAY IN THE FRONTAL LOBE, a book in which the author, a female neurosurgeon, recounts some of her most dramatic cases.  Not just this month, but throughout the year, I want to encourage you to read, read, and read some more.  Reading is a window and takes us on journeys otherwise not available.

Oct 29

Over the past few weeks, a book that has captivated my attention is Gray Matter.  Not only is it fascinating with its dramatic descriptions of successful and unsuccessful surgeries, but it is spiritually inspiring as Dr. Levy, a neurosurgeon discovers the power of prayer for his patients and their families.  Working in the medical field, I can relate to Dr. Levy's insights when it comes to medical practices coupled with prayer and the healing process.

Jun 30

I can't believe it's already the end of June!  Where did it go?  Looking over my shoulder, I realize how blessed and fortunate I am to have godly men praying for me and caring for me.  My dad and my grandfather are two of the most faithful Christian men I know and l never want to take that for granted.  As this month that celebrates fathers is closing, I want to not only give high respect and honor to the fathers of families, but also fathers of our church and of our nation.  Without the great prayerful leadership, hard work, and dedication of fathers, our lives would no doubt be drastically different.  So to all of the fabulous fathers who have big decisions to make on a daily basis to guide families, business, and government, thank you!

May 22

On my 18th birthday, I received a card from a dear friend of mine. I don't remember much about what the card had printed on the front, or the clever catchphrase (surely a Hallmark moment). I do, however, remember what was handwritten on the inside…

"Happy Birthday, Hayley! Remember, those who love you… especially your mom and dad who are usually right and have your best interest at heart. Listen to them and heed their advice, even when it's the last thing you want to do."

Four years down the road, looking back, I probably should have made at least a dozen copies of that card and placed it as a constant reminder in my life.

I was raised by very loving parents who have a very strong walk with God and always made sure I was involved in church activities. I was also homeschooled by my mother… which was a lot harder that you might think! (ha!) But, like most young girls, I reached a point in my life where I thought it was time to figure some things out on my own. The majority of the values my parents instilled in me, I never questioned, but some things I just had to learn myself.

There were a few situations that, I'm ashamed to say, I blatantly went against my parents' advice. My parents never went by the "let her make the mistake, and she'll come around eventually and realize we were right" method. As a matter of fact, it was just the opposite. My parents fought tooth and toenail over me… and honestly, I resented it at the time. No, I never went totally crazy and never went out partying, drinking, or doing drugs. But if my parents had given up the fight, it might have come to that end.

As young people, it's so easy to think we know everything and to think that those who love us and are authority figures in our lives don't understand. However, this is not the case. Authority is placed in our lives as a part of God's divine plan. Yes, we all have different giftings and are called to do different things for the kingdom. However, we are ALL called to be submissive, not only to God and His Word, but also to the authority God has placed over us.

No, my going against my parents' advice in the past did not result in a tragedy, or spin my life far off the course God has for me, but it did place some issues and burdens on my life that I would otherwise not have to face. At times, I would forget that His stamp of approval is the only one that matters and NOT validation through the eyes of others. I struggled so much with desiring the approval of others that I felt as though my joy had been completely stolen. I became very weak and was no match for my flesh, but I came to realize that the joy of The Lord is my strength!

I am so thankful that my parents never gave up on me and that they unconditionally loved me through all things.

If you are a young girl or boy who struggles with these same issues, be honest with yourself and with your authority figures, whether it be a parent, youth pastor, pastor, teacher… whoever! God placed them in your life for a reason! Appreciate them.

Apr 18

Happy Passion week, all!  I hope everyone is taking advantage of this opportunity to observe and reflect on the death, burial, and RESURRECTION of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It occurred to me earlier today that oftentimes, our trials and experiences parallel a death, burial and resurrection season.  Just like one must understand that the death of our Lord would be followed by resurrection power, we must also understand that our trials and tribulations will culminate in overcoming victories.  In turn, our victories become our testimony.

Jesus bore the sin and shame of all humanity so that we would never have to experience the grueling agony that accompanied His being nailed to the cross.  Most importantly, however, is that by the Spirit of God, Jesus Christ rose and conquered death to represent new life.

So, I encourage you, no matter how terrible things may seem, you have an opportunity this Easter to put your situation in His nail scarred hands and let Him bring new life.

Mar 2

Come join me for a night of acoustic worship at Faith Christian Church in West Monroe, Friday, March  15th.

1411 Hwy. 15
West Monroe, LA 71291

May 27

On May 7, at dusk, a crowd of people squeezed into the candlelit studio of 88.7FM the Cross to celebrate the release of Hayley's new EP, "Lead Me". The band was in the groove as they performed an acoustic set of several songs from the album. The friends and fans were a blast, and one of them captured the hit single "Crazy Ride" on their social cam and shared it with us! If you missed the party, you can download the EP from iTunes or order a physical copy from her website. She also has several events coming up, so check out her calendar!

Jul 9

In 24 hours, I will be standing on the platform, facing family and friends who will have gathered to witness the long-awaited marriage of my cousin, Brad Masters to Miss Patti Meyers.  That's right folks, they will tie the knot tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Pentecostals of the Twin Cities.  I am so excited to be singing a couple of songs that the bride and groom have chosen.  It is going to be a beautiful occasion!

Jun 7

Here are a few responses from a recent post on my Facebook page! I asked fans to write their own caption for this picture. Can you do better? Post your own caption in the comments

  1. Yeeeeeeeeessssss!!!
  2. no more taxes!
  3. *Yaaawwnnn*
  4. ARISE!
  5. Snake!!!!!
  6. OUCH!
  7. WATCH ME!