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The holidays are FINALLY here! :)

YAY! I am super excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas being right around the corner! All the preparations are so exciting! Among all the Christmas program practices, decorating the house, cooking more food than we will EVER be able to eat, the FREEZING cold weather, and the Christmas lights everywhere, it's really starting to feel like the 'happy holidays'. This is also such a great time for friends and family to come together.

This past weekend a few friends came into town, and we went to the ULM campus and took soooo many pictures by the Christmas lights. The lights were so pretty, and we had a bucket load of fun! Here are just a few of the pics we took... ENJOY!

Hayley ;)


wow!!!tha does look fun and you were right it is beautiful!!!!
That looks so much fun, Hayley. I wish I was there! Hope to see you soon! SARA:)